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Prince 50 Bullet Button

Prince50 Bullet Button

Prince 50 Bullet Button The Prince 50 Bullet Button is designed to be easily installed to convert an Ar-15 into a California Compliant Ar-15 under current California Rifle and Pistol Laws. The Prince 50 Bullet Button, or California Button as it is sometimes referred to, prevents the magazine from being detached from the rifle without […]

Thumbee Bullet Button Tool

Thumbee Bullet Button Tool

Thumbee Bullet Button Tool The Thumbee Bullet Button Tool is an inexpensive, comfortable, and highly effective bullet button tool. It is basically a material based ring that can be worn on the shooters thumb to operate the bullet button on any Ca legal AR-15 style firearm.

Raddlock Bullet Buttons and Magazine Locks

Raddlock Magazine Locks

Raddlock Bullet Button and Radlock Magazine Locks Raddlock produces several types of the Raddlock Bullet Button and Magazine Locks to convert “Assault Rifles” into California Compliant Firearms. Raddlock Magazine Locks, though they may look different in appearance, follow the same basic principles as the Prince 50 Bullet Buttons and other Bullet Buttons.

Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15

Ca Legal Ar-15

Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15 My thoughts on the Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15 with the California Bullet Button I was fortunate enough to go shooting with friends during my recent vacation. Although we fired many different firearms during our hours in the local mountains, my attention was immediately drawn to my buddy’s Smith and […]

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