Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15

Ca Legal Ar-15

Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15

My thoughts on the Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15 with the California Bullet Button

I was fortunate enough to go shooting with friends during my recent vacation. Although we fired many different firearms during our hours in the local mountains, my attention was immediately drawn to my buddy’s Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15.

We had discussed this rifle on many occasions since he purchased the  Ca Legal Ar-15 at the Fresno PRK location. I was highly interested in the functionality on the Bullet Button on the AR platform.

My friend, a former United States Marine, was definitely excited when the California Bullet Button made the AR15 a legal option in California. He quickly jumped on the opportunity and purchased the Smith and Wesson Ca Legal Ar-15 model with “30 round” California Legal Magazines. A week later he had many accessories to personalize the weapon to his unique character. After my curious questions about the California Bullet Button and the California Legal Mags, he informed me that he hates the bullet button magazine release.

Maybe the former Marine or Soldier will find the magazine release to be poor performing, however to the lifelong Californian I believe that it is definitely a valuable asset.

Being a native California resident, I understand the hype of the new line of California Legal AR15 models. However, being a resident of the free state of South Carolina for 2 years, I see the drawbacks of the bullet button and am not impressed by a 10rd magazine that requires a tool to release.

After finally testing the bullet button on the AR15 platform, I must say that it functioned better than expected. The California Button was solid, easily activated, and allowed me to fire an AR15 in California!

The button was not loose or in any way compromised the function of the firearm. When activated with a bullett, the burton button was stiff and easily hit the breaking point to release the magazine.

The size of the hole in the bullet button made it simple to activate the button without fumbling around. I used a bullet to activate the magazine release and was amazed at the ease, even on the first instance. I know that, with practice, the bullet button can be quickly activated in a tactical situation almost as well as a standard magazine release.

The best attribute of the Ca Legal Ar-15 is that you no longer have to be a criminal to own and operate this great platform in the golden state!
A dream come true for many residents who remember the times prior to the assault rifle ban and an option never seen by younger California residents.

Final thoughts:

The bullet button is not the greatest option for modern firearms, however is the only option for a California Legal AR15.

The California Bullet Button is surprisingly solid, reliable, and easy to use. Also the bullet button is easily replaced with a standard magazine release when in states where allowed or if Ca Firearm Laws change.

Its better to complain about the restrictions on your California Legal AR15, than to complain about not owning an AR15.

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